Middle School

Striving to increase self-reliance, endurance and over all stamina that will allow students to meet life’s challenges, Foothill Oaks Academy helps middle school students develop study skills, work habits, and organizational skills that will lead to greater success and enjoyment of learning. Recognizing the need to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills, the faculty provides guidance and direction while encouraging students to fulfill their individual academic potential and take responsibility for their own learning. The objectives for middle school are: 


Master the basic skills of sentence structure, grammar, parts of speech, verb conjugation and agreement, and writing conventions | Develop well-structured sentences and paragraphs, clearly expressing ideas and incorporating an organized writing structure | 
Experience literary analysis essays: compare/contrast, persuasive, and opinion | Learn the structure of an academic paper with emphasis on a well-structured thesis utilizing MLA format | Learn effective note taking and expand outlining skills | Reinforce spelling and word attack skills | Improve reading comprehension, regularly assessed with Accelerated Reader |
Expand vocabulary and incorporate it in written and spoken language | Be introduced to methods of textual analysis that encourages a rational basis for individual interpretations |
Learn to use discussion as a key tool for generating, developing and evaluating ideas

Literature & Composition

Explore a selection of classic and contemporary prose and poetry | Increase oral reading fluency and rhythm | Guide students through critical thinking activities drawing relevance from literature | Identify themes within literary works | Draw conclusions and recognize key elements of literature as they relate to life | Experience different forms of poetry and an appreciation for this form of expression | Understand the elements of literary genres such as myths, fables, short stories, drama, novels, non-fiction, memoir, poetry and essay | Gain an appreciation for the classic literature that is read together in class | Explore and employ the writing process through narrative, expository, persuasive, response to literature, and descriptive essays | Be provided the opportunity to create and share original stories and poems | Have the opportunity in 8th grade to write a novel, understanding the key elements and process


Study global history, geography, and the peoples from: Ancient Civilizations through early modern times, and United States History beginning with American colonization and continuing through World War I | Foster an awareness of the importance of cultural and physical environments and the parts they play in society | Become aware of political, social, economic and environmental conditions in the world | Develop an appreciation of cultural diversity and personal heritage | Bring history to life through using knowledge of material in a variety of creative approaches and presentation methods | Introduction to the study of global geography


Explore the wonders of Earth Science, Life Science and Physical Science | Apply the scientific method as research skills are further developed | Enjoy participating in the yearly Science Fair | Gain a new appreciation for the world, and a deeper understanding of its complexities, becoming involved in critical thinking and problem solving as solutions to environmental issues


Pre-Algebra, Algebra ½ and Algebra I are covered in 6th through 8th grade. Moving through this material, our objectives are to:
Expand understanding of the practical nature and value of mathematics | See the application of math in real life circumstances | Build a solid foundation in the fundamental operations of mathematics | Be able to work cooperatively, using strategies, skills and concepts in finding solutions | Emphasize proportional thinking through ratios, rate, percent, and indirect measurement, while introducing statistics, probability, properties of real numbers, and prime factorization as a preparation for upper-level math | Reinforce basic arithmetic, followed by the introduction of pre-algebra concepts such as inequalities, equation solving, integers, exponents, order of operations, variables, algebraic terms, functions, scientific notation and graphing equations | Continue the study of exponents and roots, properties of real numbers, equations and inequalities involving absolute value, volume and surface area of geometric solids, unit conversion, rational and irrational numbers, and word problems requiring algebra


Gain knowledge and an understanding of the Spanish culture | Learn conversational skills, words, expressions | Understanding of oral and written Spanish language | Gain knowledge of sentence structure and grammar rules | Be able to interpret written and spoken Spanish language passages and conversations | Demonstrate understanding and knowledge through written expression in Spanish


Gain knowledge and an understanding of the Spanish culture | Learn conversational skills, words, expressions | Understanding of oral and written Spanish language | Gain knowledge of sentence structure and grammar rules | Be able to interpret written and spoken Spanish language passages and conversations | Demonstrate understanding and knowledge through written expression in Spanish


Cultivate an appreciation for a variety of musical styles and their significance within the country, culture and region of origin | Study various composers and gain an appreciation for music of different periods and genres | Focus on the four objectives of: singing, listening, moving and creating | Learn the rudimentary skills of reading music | Study basic accompaniment, learn to create sound pictures | Have the ability to sing two to four part harmony | Learn music theory and vocal music, including involvement in several seasonal performances, building poise and self-confidence | Experience simple and complex rhythms on percussion instruments | Develop skills on the recorder


Learn voice projection, creative expression, and improved articulation | Gain confidence and stage presence | Learn the basic aspects of stage production | Enjoy participation in skits and vignettes, using skills learned | Discover the fun of character portrayal | Become more at ease in front of an audience


Learn proper and logical applications of computer skills while working collaboratively, thinking analytically and communicating clearly | Receive instruction in word processing, graphics, databases, spreadsheets, slide shows, online research knowledge,  desktop publishing, and telecommunications/Internet through age appropriate curriculum using Google Suite (docs, sheets, slides, forms and more) Increase keyboarding skill and speed and knowledge of proper hand placement | Use digital photography to enhance projects and presentations | Learn and apply multimedia applications | Learn to integrate computer knowledge into practical, daily applications | Middle School receive a school Chromebook to use for classroom assignments and more. 

Physical Education 

Promote muscle development | Increase physical stamina | Develop game skills and strategies | Endorse age appropriate physical fitness | Encourage the need to stay fit through exercise, games, sports, stretching techniques, basic yoga, and instruction on how the body works